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Athenia Restaurant & Bar ( Gold Coast Australia since 2012)

With the experience and Success of Internationally acclaimed Greek Restaurant Athenia Restaurant & bar in UK's West Midlands, Owner, Chef and proprietor Majid Pourbozorgi has brought his authentic Greek Cuisine to Gold Coasts Emerald Lakes (Australia).

Already renowned for his culinary delights Athenia can cater for a crowd, and please couples alike overlooking the breathtaking scenery of Emerald Lakes.

With Gold Coast lacking greek Restaurants, Athenia will ensure that his number #1 reputation stays highly regarded in the heart of the Gold Coast.

International History of Athenia Restaurant & Bar
In 1999 Athenia restaurant and Bar was first Established in the Heart of the West Midlands thriving entertainment community in Coventry. As a successful Restaurateur Majid Pourbozorgi Moved to Australia and Brought with him experience authenticity and a well established Greek Restaurant (Athenia) and Menu to the Gold Coast
 Meze greek Dining

Coventry Evening Telegraph October 6 2001 - UK

Majid Pourbozorgi, owner of the Athenia Greek Restaurant, is a big fan of Mediterranean food and for him the star player is olive oil.

He says: "You can cook Mediterranean food by baking, frying or grilling but olive oil is the most important part.

"Don't forget the pure virgin olive oil, there is no substitute. That is the best part of it. There are no other flavours on earth to match the flavours of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine"

He finds that a lot of people are familiar with the names of some dishes when they come into his Corporation Street restaurant in the city centre.

"Some will have tried them on holiday so know what they like. But it's also nice to see people who have not experienced Greek food who want to come and try it.

"Meze is a very popular meal here and a good way to sample all the tastes. In the Middle East where it originated, Meze is a way of life."

"The Greek word meze means appetisers, and here it is the best way to decide which is your favourite meal. Meze generally comes in three courses, and in my two years running Athenia, I haven't had a single person finish it all yet!

"There are 12 dishes for starters, five sea products plus salads in the fish course and six dishes in the main course."

Seafood is always popular in Mediterranean cooking, using seabass for example and calamari (squid). Another popular dish is Kleftico of lamb. At Athenia, each person has half a leg of lamb per person.

"If you eat Kleftico of lamb in the Greek islands, you will find the ingredients are the same but the tastes slightly differ from one island to another," says Majid, who found that he had to adapt Greek ingredients slightly for English preferences.

Rabbit and pork were exchanged for the more popular beef, chicken and lamb.

Creating vegetarian alternatives wasn't so easy.

"You take the meat out of Greek cuisine and you have nothing left!" he says.

Other favourites are of course dips such as taramasalta and humus

And then there is the most famous desert in the Middle East, Greece and Cyprus - Baklava - which is layers of filo with pistachio, syrup and cinnamon.

Greek salad is also popular, with its mixture of tomatoes, chopped cucumber with the skin removed, spring onions, touch of oregano oregano, plenty of olive oil and chunks of feta.

By Ann Evans

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